Blushing in social situations

"I would really recommend a consultation with Elise, I came to see Elise for my problem with blushing in social situations. I found Elise to have a very caring and understand approach and I found the whole experience to be a very positive one. I have been really pleased with the results I have experienced with her"

Fiona - wadhurst 

Public speaking

 "As part of my job at times I have to present to large groups of people, whilst this is not an issue for me when it is people I know I find that I get very anxious when having to present to people I have not met before. I have never previously considered more well known therapies such as psychotherapy or counselling due to the idea of having to go for a large number of sessions and open myself up to talking about this isn’t something that appealed to me at all.

Reading an article online brought bwrt to my attention, mainly due to the non-intrusive nature of the therapy and the promise of fast results. I was a little sceptical about the claims but decided I would go for an initial session to see what it was all about.

The first session with Elise lasted an hour, she very clearly explained the principals of bwrt to me, with a science degree the concept made sense and I was eager to see if it would be able to assist in my situation. For the remainder of the session she worked with me and I was impressed that I didn’t have to relay detail of situations that have caused me anxiety in the past as vocalising these has always been a problem.

I left feeling like I had finally taken a step forwards, we agreed another session was appropriate and I booked in for the following week, leaving the second session I really felt that for the first time I had a handle of my situation and was very surprised to be feeling that way so soon.

Elise was extremely professional, made sure I understood the process throughout and I never felt that she was looking to push me to have additional appointments for the sake of it, having just 2 is proof of that!

I have subsequently had to face a situation at work presenting to a group of 8 people, 6 of which I had not been in front of before. I found that I was so much calmer going in, and during I was able to communicate a lot more clearly. When I came out I felt a real sense of elation and firmly believe that the problem is behind me now.

For anyone that has previously thought of therapies in the way I have, I thoroughly recommend working with Elise."

Benjamin - Tunbridge wells 


Anxiety and phobia around germs

"I have had a couple of  BWRT sessions  with Elise via video call and I cannot recommend her enough. I went to Elise with the terrible anxiety and phobia around germs. have suffered for years and tried many other therapies with no success in the past. Things escalated by the birth of my little boy in October 2017 and was affecting my daily life so I felt I needed to try something new.   

In such a small space of time it is 100% better, I am so much less anxious and calmer, the change has surprised me so much . My husband can’t believe it either, I feel so much happier and like a weight has been lifted. I can’t imagine ever feeling that debilitating feeling of anxiety again! I urge anyone that is suffering with anxiety or phobias to give it a try because you literally don’t have to suffer. I wish I hadn’t left it so long.   

Working with Elise was an absolute pleasure. She was always so kind, very understanding, positive and non-invasive. We did our sessions on video calls which was amazing for working around child care, and she genuinely cared about my personal progress. 

Being treated by Elise has made me view situations completely differently and made me so much happier, calmer and more confident. The time I wasted pandering to my phobias, is now even more time I am focussed on my Son making me a better Mum, I couldn't recommend working with Elise more." 


Fear of Flying

 " I visited Elise due to having a fear of flying, I fly quite often but  recently had a bad experience on a flight home from Italy that really enhanced the fear, I honestly considered the possibility of having to not fly again. 

Even talking about my recent flight experience made me very anxious! I sought help from Elise who in a very calming and relaxing way managed take away my anxiety after one session. I believe this will really help me in the future and I recommend her" 

Rob - Tunbridge wells